Graduate Students

**Please note: Dr. DeLongis will not be admitting graduate students in September 2022

Join the lab as a graduate student:

Please see the following information to learn more about becoming a graduate student in the Centre for Health and Coping Studies:

Competitive applications include:
1) Past research experience in a psychology or health-related lab.

2) Solid scores on all sections of the GRE (although there is no strict cutoff, scores above the 80th percentile are typically considered competitive).

3) Strong letters of recommendations from past professors and research advisors who can speak about your past experience, performance, and abilities.

4) Interest in pursuing a research-focused academic career. A good “fit” between an advisor and a student’s research interests is essential for a productive and successful experience in graduate school. Please review the lab’s research studies and Dr. DeLongis’s publications (ResearchGate, Google Scholar) to gain an understanding of research that is currently being conducted in the lab.

5) External funding from government agencies. This funding can substantially boost the competitiveness of your application to graduate school. Eligible students are strongly encouraged to apply for Canadian Tri-Council Graduate Scholarships. Details can be found here.

Graduate students in the Centre for Health and Coping:
1) Are responsible for the logistics of designing, conducting, and publishing their research. Graduate students are also closely involved in the training of undergraduate research assistants, grant proposal writing, and presentation of research at departmental meetings as well as national and international conferences.

2) Meet with Dr. DeLongis regularly to discuss progress on research projects and career goals. Graduate students in the health area also attend regular health psychology meetings and seminars in our department.

3) More information on the experience and expectation for graduate student in psychology can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook in the Graduate Resources section.

For more information on the application process and requirements consult:
1) UBC Psychology Department Graduate website

2) Application procedures website

3) Health Psychology website

4) Additional information on graduate program information on admissions, registration, grades and scholarships contact