My training in stress and coping research began at McGill University where I completed a BSc in Psychology. My honours thesis work examined the role of personality, stress appraisal, and coping in psychological and physiological reactions to stress.  In 2012, I joined the team at the Centre for Health and Coping Studies as a graduate student in the health psychology program at UBC.  Since then I have been involved in several projects examining how couple and family dynamics influence and are influenced by chronic stress and illness. 

I am interested in understanding the interpersonal processes surrounding how people come together to cope with stress and maintain their health and wellbeing. Much of my work takes a dyadic approach to coping, using data collected from both members of a couple to examine the ways in which partners influence each other throughout the coping process. I am interested in how couples cope with chronic illness as well as how they can encourage the prevention of illness and the maintenance of adaptive health behaviours.


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